Welcome to Comascape.com!


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Still not dead yet…

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Not yet…

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New Site!

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Simple and to the point. Please use the navigation above to find what you are looking for. More stuff to come in the next few days. I am still working on new music. Stay tuned… Comascape isn’t dead yet. :)

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Posts from old site:

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Check out the Ministry Tribute, “Nouvel Ordre Mondial”, from Dead Knife Records (feat. Comascape): http://deadkniferecords.net/Release/NouvelOrdreMondialATributetoMinistry.zip

Sorry no Comascape updates today. I am trying to get some personal stuff in order and then diving headfirst on the new release. Things have changed alot through the course of working on it. The musical style will be like nothing I’ve ever done. It WILL be worth the wait. :)

On a different note everyone should go see my friends 16Volt and CHEMLAB during the 2010 North American Midi Ghetto Tour. Tell them Comascape sent you.

NEW MEMBER!!! Comascape is now a two-piece project. I have enlisted the talent of
c r e y t i o n. Our plans for the future of Comascape involve a lot more diverse experimentation with sound as well as revolving group of our artist friends adding their concepts and ideas to songs. If you have an idea and no outlet for it email us at info@comascape.com and we will try to give you a voice through us.

Made some updates to the site. I added Google Friend Connect as well as a Flash music player. Hopefully this will help for people who happen upon my site to hear the music without having to download it. Then maybe they will add themselves to the friend connect. One step at a time I suppose. I will also be uploading another Wallpaper to the Images area of the site very soon – so keep an eye out for that. Enjoy and Thanks for listening!

One of my favorite Industrial Metal bands, 16volt, are giving away their entire back catalog for free. Just go to www.16volt.com and download them. There are a total of 7 releases available. They are accepting donations if you enjoy the music. They had some technical difficulties, but things seem to be running smooth now. Send a note to info@16volt.com telling them Comascape sent you.

The U.K. Band is changing their name. Please ceast and desist all communication regarding their name. Instead listen to them and add them if you like what you hear. I really like the way Chivalrous Parasite is shaping up. I am currently in talks with Kevin from the Noise project Jon Benet to help with the ambiant sounds. I will also be adding guest vocalists to the mix. I can’t wait for you guys to hear it. :)

Gave out some CD’s yesterday at the Dayton Garden Station. My daughter wanted to give them out so they were shotgunned to random people from all walks of life. God knows if anyone will like it. I also found out over the weekend that a metal band in the U.K. is trying to steal my name. So if you get a chance please shoot them a message stating that that’s uncool. They sent my wife a message saying they were going to change it – we’ll see how that goes. I will be cranking out the songs to finish up Chivalrous Parasite soon. Keep an eye on my myspace page for the tracks as they are finished. That’s all I have for now. Enjoy.

Site has been finished. I just haven’t got around to updating the news yet. I have all the releases linked on the Albums page. I am still working on “Chivalrous Parasite” but I hit a bit of a block at the end of the year so I am behind on it. I do hope to have it ready sooner than later. I don’t know what to do with the Images page yet. I may just put images of fun stuff on it untill I get something Comascape related. I have no money for professional pics, so I don’t have anything else yet. Thanks for listening!

Still working on the site.

Website is still under construction. Navigation bar links to old site for now so it should work. Keep checking back for more updates.

News pulled from old site:

The cover art for the new release can be seen here. Special thanks to Bruce O. Hughes of www.nobody.sh for the creation of this masterpiece.

Sorry for the delay in updates but some big things are happening. I am currently working on my next release. I am hoping to have it finished for a Fall release. I’ll post some stuff on myspace once I get something worth hearing ;). Site updates: I have added 2 new releases on the “Albums” page and fixed the link to the Comascape E.P.

It will be a while before I get anything new posted. I am diving headfirst into a Nine Inch Nails 2-cd compilation for Dead Knife Records that I am doing the song “The Great Below” for. Anyone who knows me personally knows that I am a HUGE fan of Trent Reznor and his works, so this is exciting for me and I’m going to be putting alot of effort into it to do it justice. I will have it posted upon completion as well as a link to the final album on my website once it is released.

SITES UP!  And for the most part finished.  All links should be active so please inform me if there are any problems.

Today is my B-day and to celebrate I am posting a new website.  I will be working on it periodiacally and will have it done by next friday.

The navigation buttons will be active very soon so don’t worry.  I will post the news and other updates here. The Albums link will take you to my albums for you to download for free.  The store link will take you to my cafepress store for shirts etc… and lastly the Links/Banners button is self explanatory.  For now please visit me at myspace.com/comascape for all other info.  Let me know if you have any suggestions

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